Think about it, man!!

These are hops. They go into beer.

This is Marijuana.
This Brown stuff will get you locked in a cage

There are things that if you think about for more than 5 minutes and you still have an opinion opposite of mine, I will think you are an absolute idiot. I’m not saying I’m right for doing so, but sometimes I have a real hard time understanding how people could be so closed minded about a topic. It’s as if people don’t actually think about things, they just follow whatever their parents and/or the media have told them to. Unbelievable. How are we supposed to progress as humans with attitudes as such.

One of these things is pot. If you think about pot for more than 5 minutes and you still think it should be illegal, there’s something wrong with you. Seriously. Its a plant, that just naturally grows. In nature. In order to enjoy it, you need not chemically engineer it, as you do with cocaine or heroin. Even beer is less natural than pot. You have to put a whole bunch of shit together to make beer. And if you’ve ever made your own beer (as have I), and have seen the stuff that goes into beer, AND you still think pot should be illegal, you are an absolute imbocil.

And dont give me the “it’s a gateway drug” theory. That’s just an example of people using statistics to get their way. Heres the thing, perhaps 90 percent of those who use cocaine used pot as their first drug. However, probably only 5 percent of those that use pot actually go on to use more heavy drugs. Now i completely made up those stats, but they are something to that effect. Do you understand the difference? That statistic is bullshit. And i dont even smoke pot. A quick google-image search shoes this rediculousness.

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