Random new music

I was checking to see if the band Phoenix had a new album out yet since I enjoy their first, Wolgang Amadeus Phoenix. Onto itunes i went. I searched ‘Phoenix’. Their first album came up, along with what I thought was their new album. Great. I downloaded it immediately for 10 bucks and started listening. I was confused and then a little ticked off because I had downloaded something that was not Phoenix. Turns out what I had actually downloaded was the album entitled “Phoenix” by the band Just Surrender. Not the other way around. My disappointment on having just blown 10 dollars on something I didn’t want lasted no more than 30 seconds. Their songs are actually kinda catchy. I guess you would call them alternative rock. Mostly upbeat, a little sappy at times, but fun to listen to. A complete accident, but it turned out well. Metaphor for life, perhaps? Maybe I should take more risks in the dark.

The album is 'Phoenix' by the band Just Surrender

  1. i have never heard about this group and they seem great, so i’ll give them a try!

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