After ‘Summer of LeBron’, Durant Should Be Your Favorite

Now, after the shameless, clueless, and sleezeball spectacle that was LeBron’s decision, Durant has clearly come away the big winner. Durant may or may not end up being a better basketball palyer than James, but he is by far already a better person. His low key announcement of his big contract extension with the Thunder showed us much greater character than anything LeBron has ever shown us. He describes himself as low-key, shy, and quiet, which in most cases translates into classy. His decision to play for Team USA this summer, and LeBron’s decison to not play, further demonstrates the disparity in their character. He did not let his ego get in the way after being cut from the 2008 Beijing Redeem Team.

Apparently, both James and Wade will be visiting Team USA in New York. Why? I guess for more attention. Another chance to hang out together like they will be doing in South Beach? So they dont want to play, but they have the time to just go and hang out for a little while and make the team wish they were playing for them. I guess its not that big a deal, LeBron, Wade, Kobe some others from the Redeem Team who have all declined to play this summer can still participate in the 2012 Olympics. And they better, because that is likely the last Olympics before the world ends, so, major bragging rights on the line.

Also illustrating the difference in Durant vs James’ character are two quotes;

Durant: “I doubt I’m the next face, I’m just another guy helping to bring a gold back to the U.S.”
James: “I want to be the first billion dollar athlete. Also, I am an arrogant, egotistical, bag of douche.”

James literally said that.

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