Bees from Beeville not Bee-ing Friendly

I found this article. Some dude was mowing his lawn and was attacked by a swarm of bees. This happened in Beeville, Texas, which is a town located in Bee County. The guys’ dog died, so thats not funny, but what I do find funny is that the article makes no mention of the coincidence of the name of the town and the event that took place. Also the fact that he claims to know nothing about bees. I figured that Beeville was probably known for its Bee population, but if so, shouldn’t the towns’ residents know a thing or two about what to do during a bee attack? Here’s a link to the article..–one-selfless-act?instance=bee_regional_news

Perhaps he shoud’ve taken some advice from Dane Cook;

“…Like who gets killed by bees?! Anytime they come on the news like, “A man in Austin was killed by bees.” I just fucking laugh. How do you get killed by bees?! … Dude Fuck that! I would punch every bee in the face! Bees aren’t taking me out, I’d be like, “FUCK YOU BEE!”

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