Chaffe-less in Connecticut

These are men’s sport briefs. They are actually very comfortable because they keep my junk all in one place, 100 percent chaffe-less and not floppin around. They are  more comfortable than boxer-briefs, and a lot more comfortabe than boxers. Don’t get me arong, I still love to wear boxers if I’m just hanging out or something, but evntually my balls will start sticking to my inner thighs. This creates high levels of uncomfortability as you may know. With these sport briefs, my entire junk is kept nice and snug where it’s supposed to be, while offering stellar boner protection.

I think what needs to be created is a sport-boxer-brief hybrid. This would basically be the junk support and ball isolation of  a sport brief combined with some more leg coverage as in boxer briefs. This needs to be made. Now.

I want to know your opinion. Are they OK? Too feminine? Do any other guys wear these? Basically, if a dude took his pants off in front of you and had these on, what would your first thought be?

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