Milk Flakes

When I was l little, my mom would pour me some cereal in the morning before school. Why couldn’t I pour, myself cereal? I guess because I was around 8 years old and she didn’t trust me lifting a full gallon of milk in fear that my skinny arms/wrist would give out mid-pour and there would be milk and cocoa puffs all over the floor. You know that saying, don’t cry over spilled milk? Well, that wasn’t exactly her mantra. Anyways, I would always watch her pour the milk into the bowl. Every time, she would un-cap the milk directly over the bowl which was filled with delicious cocoa puffs. As this happened, the dried milk from around the top of the container/inside the cap would flake off and into my bowl of cereal. This urked me. It was completely gross. But every morning it would happen, and I would say nothing. I just sat and ate my cereal, using the games on the back of the box as a distraction to block out the thought of eating those dried milk flakes. Granted, they probably dissolve once they hit the liquid milk, but still. I know those milk flakes are in my milk somewhere and its fucking gross to imagine eating.
Now, I know I didn’t say anything so maybe she just didn’t realize it, right? Wrong. She’s staring at the same cereal bowl, watching herself un cap the milk just as I am watching. She had to of seen the milk flakes. It’s not like it was just one or two tiny little flakes. Pretty much the circumference of the milk top was covered in it, like a light dusting of snow. It was like some elf had glued the cap to the bottle in the fridge over night and the seal was being broken every morning. Alls I’m trying to say is that it was noticeable. So, assuming she saw this every morning, she must’ve thought it was just ok. To me, this is totally unacceptable.
So one day I was just fed up. She was about to uncap and pour when I slid my bowl from under the jug. She asked what the hell I was doing and I said I was tired of milk flakes in my bowl. She tried to tell me it was no big deal and to stop being so picky (I was, and still kinda am, a very picky eater). THIS MEANS SHE KNEW. That bitch was knowingly allowing milk flakes to join my cocoa puffs, and had no reservations about it. That’s seriously fucked up. Why would anyone be fine with that. All you have to do is move the milk container I a little to the left and the problem is solved. Why would anyone continue to put milks flakes in their cereal every morning when the solution is so simple. I told her just to uncap the milk over the floor or something, ‘cause I don’t want that shit in bowl anymore. She sighed, annoyed, and did so over the sink. That’s ridiculous.
Needless to say I poured my own goddamn milk from there on out. To this day I uncap the milk over the floor. Why not? I doubt milk flakes attract bugs. I’m not a huge bare-foot in the house person so worst case is they attach themselves to my sock and get dissolved into oblivion in the wash. Or maybe the cat finds them and licks them up. Sure she won’t be completely fooled and think it’s real milk, but I’m sure she’ll be a little excited about it. What cat wouldn’t be? It’s an unexpected little treat. I mean it’s not great, but, shit, you were just walking through the kitchen to your dry food bowl and now you’ve got a some milk flakes. I could’ve just uncapped my milk over the sink, then you’d have nothing. NOTHING, CAT. NOTHING. You would’ve just continued with your schtick and your boring ass life. Be grateful.

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