Dumb People

There are certain people who exist who I would never want to be like. Maybe a specific person, or just a general type of person. When I say “type” of person, I don’t mean categorical high school types such as Goths or hippies or jock or whatever. That’s just more of a style. By type I am referring more to a general attitude or way of thinking that I dislike. Not simply  because it goes against my beliefs, but because it’s a closed minded, extremist, ignorant way of thinking. I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me about an issue, so long as they do so open mindedly. Even better if they point out to me that I myself and being closed minded. Great. But when you start thinking illogically and with a closed mind, AND make life decisions based upon these thoughts—that’s when I have a problem and generally hate you.

For instance I have this friend who is always bitching and moaning about his life. He bitches that his job sucks and he doesn’t make enough money. He bitches that some girl doesn’t love him back. He constantly updates his facebook status with pathetic-woe-is-me-attention-seeking-bullshite. He asks to borrow hundreds of dollars from people, and then gets mad when people say no, like we are just supposed to lend him money. People have lent him money and he’s gained a pretty shitty reputation from doing so, and its fucking incredible that he still asks us. He borrowed 200 bucks from one kid and said he’d pay back 30 a month. The two were friends so it wasn’t a problem. About a year went by and no money was paid back. However, in that same time, he was able to buy a few guns and even a $3000 motorcycle, but still didn’t have the money to pay back his friend. After some heated phone calls, he paid the money back, but the two are not friends anymore.

It wasn’t just the money that broke the friendship, though, it was the kids shitty attitude towards paying the money back. He said things like “You don’t need the money” and “it’s not going to hurt your pocket” and stuff like that. Ok, perhaps he wasn’t desperate for the 200 bucks, but it’s the fucking principle. You say you’re gonna pay someone back, fucking pay him back. At least make some attempt. You can’t say shit like that. What a douche.

On top of all this bitching and complaining, he does absolutely nothing to try and better himself. He wonders why he cant find a decent job, yet he didn’t go to college, nor does he know any trades. So what the fuck does he really expect? What skills can he expect to offer anybody when he didn’t go to a trade school or college? He’s been talking about being a cop for 6 years, failed some entry test once and hasn’t tried anything since. Im not trying to tear the kid apart or anything, but what the fuck? He’s just fucking lazy. Here’s an actual quote from him, “If it wasn’t for the homework aspect, I would go back to school. I just hate homework.” Are you serious? I mean what do you say to that? That’s called being fucking stupid, lazy, and ill-fucking-logical. I don’t even feel bad for him. He isn’t even trying.

Then, because he is so in love with this girl, he carts around her two kids that she had by 2 other guys, and watches them and takes care of them. He thinks hes being a nice guy, but hes just being a moron. I hate people like this. Even though it doesn’t affect my life whatsoever. If I ever get to be like that, I’ve instructed my friends what to do.

Then there’s this doucher that comes into work every single day. He delivers newspapers for the Connecticut Post, and I guess he fills up the news-paper dispensers all around the property. That’s fine. Whats not fine is that, every day he comes in and says the exact same thing. “Connecticut Post, have a good day.” No matter what I say to him. Its fucking annoying. Be a fucking person. Say something different. This has been going on for 10 months. Does he really think I don’t recognize his dumb ass in his stupid blue minivan everyday? I’m about to say screw being professional and just say retarded things to him, just to mess with him. If I ever get to be that dull and lifeless, my friends also know what to do.

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