Things That Ruin Life

There are, in life, things, seemingly minor things, that greatly depreciate the value of life. Maybe not the value, ’cause that’s kinda a subjective thing, but things that piss me the fuck off and wish would just go away. These are things that irritate me and that, without them, life would be much much more enjoyable. This list is ongoing.

Telephone Polls- Doesn’t seem like a big deal. You probably don’t really notice them because they’re there everyday and you’re just used to them. But I was sitting outside one day, just looking at the sky contemplating the universe and life and what not, trying to enjoy the clouds and everything. As I was looking up, I noticed a bunch of damn wires in my view. This sucked. There was a decent amount of sky that was blocked because to wires and poles. How shitty is that? Trying to enjoy nature, ruined by such ugly constructions. Then I started to notcie them more and more. They’re everywhere. How many trees were cut down just to hold up some stupid wires? Rediculous. They’re not even semi-pleasant to look at. Just tall rotting logs riddled with nails and shit. They make life so ugly. Makes me think about how beautiful this land was before it was all industrialized. Just grass and trees. No buildings blocking the sky. Its no wonder native americans believed in all sorts of gods. If I didn’t know better, and I was standing in a big green forest with nothing surrounding me, watching the sun set or rise, in awe of the colors, I’d probably belive that some devine being painted it with a brush too. It must’ve been so peaceful and pretty. Fuck.

Telemarketers- this ones pretty obvious. But damn do they suck. They suck even more when you work third shift and are constantly being woke up by some retard trying to sell some piece of shit. I hate it. Of course, its just as im dozing off, the phone rings. I listen for the caller ID to speak to me and say who it is. 9.7 times out of 10 its some telemarketer. I instantly wish death upon whomever is on the other end of that phone. Serisouly. This shit should not be legal anymore. What gives you, as a company, the right to disturb me in my own home to try and push your useless trash product onto me. What poor sap ever actually buys anything from a telemarkerter? Im convinced that nobody ever has. Ever. If I ever meet a person who tells me theyre a telemarketer im going to kick him/her in the nuts immediately. And feel no remorse.

Daytime Lawn Groomers- This one is along the same line as the telemarketer. Trying to sleep during the day and then someone starts up a lawnmower or a leaf blower or a weed wacker or some other shit. Now, I understand that you need to cut your grass. But do you have to do it at 9 oclock on a sudnay morning? No, youre just a douchebag. These people go way too far overboard taking care of their lawns. My neighbor cuts it and trims it every week, along with watering it every other day. I mean, his grass looks fantastic, but, get a fucking life. You have 4 kids and a wife that you treat like shit. Maybe you should spend some time with them. I can only imagine the amount of water and thus money on a water bill wasted on grass. Grass. I cut mine every other week if I’m lucky. Yeah, it looks like shit 75% of the time. But that’s because I would rather not spend half an hour of my time off from work every week standing behind a lawnmower. I have better things to do. What kind of life is that? Every week walking your lawnmower up and down your dumb ass lawn for half an hour so it can be 4 inches shorter? That’s 2 hours a month of your life a month, plus probably another hour a month worth of sweeping. Christ. That sucks. I cut that shit in half. Ain’t no contest. I have a life. Douchebag.

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