Catch some Z’s. But What Are Z’s?

Sleep is fucking crazy. Think about it: every day you basically black out for 8 hours and wake up hopefully feeling refreshed, but always wanting to continue in that state of unconsciousness. You have an entire room dedicated to it. Its awesome. Who doesn’t love to sleep? You cant control it. You stay up all day and you get tired and NEED to sleep. If you go long enough without sleeping, you can DIE, dude. You live your life as a child, playing around throughout the day and then you decide that you just need to pass out for a little while. You don’t ever think about it as a kid. Its just a part of life.

But what the fuck is it? I mean, I know scientists have done their studies about it and everything, but they don’t even truly know what it is. obviously it recharges your energy. But I mean, why is it necessary? Why haven’t we just evolved to the point where we can just stay up all the time. Or live off of short little naps? In a world economy that is based on production of useless shit, wouldn’t this make sense? The longer we could stay awake, the longer we can work producing useless shit fueling the economy, or going to school or whatever–just being more productive. It seems like an argument against intelligent design. If this thing that created us was so damn smart, we did he make it so we have to recharge 1/3 of the time? Couldn’t he have calculated how much wasted time that would result in? That’s like purposely inventing a remote controlled car so that you need to charge it for 4 hours to get 10 minutes of usage. “yea I can make it so you can just use it all the fucking time, but I’m not gonna do that.” Through this take on ‘intelligent’ design, god (or whatever creator you believe in) is no smarter than the dumb-ass engineers that develop cell phone batteries that need to be charge everyday. I mean, seriously. With all the shit the iphone can do, can’t they spend a little time inventing a new battery that lasts more than a day so they battery doesn’t die at the worst possible time everyday? With as far as technology has come, and as fast as it has happened, batteries have stayed pretty much the same pieces of shit.

But anyways. Take dreams for example. No one knows what point they serve. They are extremely realistic. I’ve been shot and stabbed and bitten by dogs and really felt the pain from them. I’ve never been shot or stabbed in real life so I don’t know how accurate my feelings were, but still. I’ve felt all kinds of different emotions in dreams and they were pretty accurate. Scientists haven’t figured out if dreams are important at all. No one really knows what their deal is. For all we know, sleep could be us entering some other dimension. It sounds crazy. Like some matrix type shit, I know. But it could be real. No one can know for sure. But think about it. Every night you lay down, you enter this state of unconsciousness where you are completely oblivious to anything around you. You’re body paralyzes itself when you enter REM and your eyes shake all over the fucking place, yet your brain remains active. Active enough to have experiences real enough that you don’t even know are dreams until you wake up, relieved or disappointed at how your actual life is compared to what it felt like in the dream.

Have you ever had a lucid dream, where you’re dreaming and you know you’re dreaming but you don’t wake up and you can think and do literally anything you want? Like, you’re in your little dream world but somehow gain consciousness that it’s a dream and you start controlling everything in the dream. I’ve had this a few times that I remember. Each time I’ve either done something cool, like flying, or picked fights with random people just for fun, cause, why not? It’s a dream, I know it’s a dream, and there will be no repercussions that I am aware of. In my last lucid dream, I was driving a car. All of a sudden I realized it was a dream. Its weird because there’s like an invisible barrier between realizing you’re dreaming and then taking control of the dream, and being able to not wake up. Like you have to break through, but not so strongly that you wake yourself up. So I was driving in my car and all of a sudden I was like, oh shit I’m dreaming motherfucker lemme do something crazy. First thing I thought of was that I was gonna fly in my damn car, cause I can. So I flew around a bit and it was surprisingly hard to control. I ended up crashing back on the road. So I got out and jacked some poor sap’s car, Grand Theft Auto style. I flew around some more and did some loopdey loops. Then I lost control of the dream and woke up. It went by pretty quickly,  but it was fucking cool while it lasted. Point is, I’m convinced there’s another world out there. I refuse to accept that is just some dream. There’s gotta be something more to it.

Ever have night terrors? I’ve had those too, and those are about as far to the other end of spectrum compared to a good lucid dream, but are about as realistic in a way. What happens is you’re just sleeping and enjoying some z’s and some REM’s, when all of a sudden you wake up, only you don’t really wake up. You just kinda open your eyes and gain consciousness. You’re still technically in REM sleep, so your body is still completely paralyzed which happens so you don’t act out all your dreams in the middle of the night. Plus, you’re still in a dream state, so you’re imagination is at work. As the name implies, this is incredibly terrifying. Imagine your worst dream, only 100 times more realistic. Only you don’t really see the dream. Its more of just feeling the dream, around you. You cant move, you cant even speak or yell for help- I tried. I live with my parents, and I’m not afraid to admit that I was trying me damn hardest (ed. Note: I didn’t mean to type “me damn hardest’ here, but I figured I’d just leave it) to yell to them for help during this ordeal. I couldn’t so I just lay there, unable to move or speak with what I can only describe as a tremendous sense of doom and terror surrounding me. Nothing really specific. Just fear. I thought I was possessed, actually. There was nothing I could do but lay there in terror until I fell back into normal sleep. Shit is crazy.

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