Objects In Mirror Are Somewhere Back There

Do you think car companies hate sideview mirrors? I mean, look at a car and try to picture it without its sideview mirrors and it would clearly look a whole lot better. Do you think there are car designers that just fucking hate that they have to incorporate sideview mirrors into their design, knowing that nobody even really uses them? I think cars would look a ton better if not for side view mirrors. Plus, they really just add an extra foot of width to the car as a whole.

Even from a non-aesthetic standpoint, not much has changed with the sideview mirror in the history of cars, its just a fucking mirror. Theres still that vague warning on the passenger’s side, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, which has never been fully explained. Nobody knows what that really means. Wouldn’t some kind of side-view camera be more appropriate? They have back up cams, why not side view cams. I saw recently blind spot sensors which is definitely a step in the right direction. Just put a fucking camera somewhere on the side of the car, which would eliminate any blindspots  at all created by roll bars or whatever inside the car. It’s a perfect solution and car companies are stupid not to do this. It wouldn’t be hard. Itd look better and be 100 times more safe. Why haven’t they thought of this? They already have on some cars a heads up display on the windshield, im sure they can add the sideview camera display. It’s a no brainer.

Speaking of things that haven’t changed in 100 years, how about the car horn? I mean, it really serves absolutely no purpose other than to be an asshole. Occasionally you will give a quick beep to some jerkoff in front of you on their cell phone who didn’t notice that the light turned green. And even then, that person will probably be furious that you had the audacity to blow compressed air at them. Have you ever noticed that? Godforbid you beep at someone they get fucking pissed. Myself included. If someone beeps at me I tell them to go fuck themselves and maybe even throw the bird. Why? I don’t know, really. It just pisses me off.

But it hasn’t changed at all, one bit. The horn assumes you are always right and mistake free. But the truth is everyone makes mistakes, but theres no way to communicate an apology. Wouldn’t this cut down on road rage? Maybe a “sorry” light in your back window for when you accidently cut someone off? Is this so farfetched? The horn has been the horn for 100 years. With all the technological advances in cars, the horn is the fuckin same shit.  No strategy has been put on the use of the horn. Theres no horn development program? Cmon. I mean, cmon.

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