what is my point, exactly?

so much for the whole keepin’ up with the blogging thing. ive had ideas, but no motivation to actually take the time to type them and post em. haven’t been keepin up with working out either… hit the gym like 3 times last week and that was an improvement of +3 times/wk compared to the previous 3 or 4. on top of it, during those 3-4 weeks I was smoking cigarettes on the reg. usually before and after work. who cares? yea, heart disease runs in tha family but so what. I honestly don’t care. plus it really relieved the stress. now I find myself biting my nails which is far less satisfying , not to mention bad for the straightness of my teeth. but who cares about that either.

but I joined a basketball league so I at least stopped smoking so I could run on the court for more than 5 minutes at a time. at least now I have something other than a paycheck to look forward to every week. but Im not very good anymore so well see how that goes.

I don’t even know what the fuck I wanna write about. im just trying to figure out what the fuck the point of my life is. I think im going back to school for radiology but its not like that is gonna give my life any drastic meaning. people crack me up who think they are so goddamn important because they think they have some kinda job. truth is 99% of people on earth contribute nothing to society. the world is chock full of useless fucks who just consume natural resources to get through their days. using gas to get to and from their pointless jobs where they try to get by doing as little as possible. I bet if you examined every person on earth, you wouldn’t find a thousand people who actually contributed to bettering the world as a whole. I mean really who does? politicians sure as hell don’t. world leaders don’t do shit. and sending a fucking text message to donate 10 bux to Haiti or some shit doesn’t fuckign count. first off, who gives a fuck about Haiti? sorry but they don’t contribute shit to the world. the people there are fucked and they are just polluting the earth. I love when theres a disaster in some worthless 3rd world country and these hippie douchers run to save them. why? who the fuck cares? the world is fucking over populated. you are just contributing to the eventual water shortage. theres fucking tons of poor fucks right here in America but you cant send a fucking text to donate money to them. at least here they might be able to go to college or do something. theres the infrastructure for it at least. I mean in Haiti what the fuck are you gonna do? your gonna learn how to make some fucking souveniers so that American tourists can come and buy that shit. these fucking politicians slow the fucking world down, man. I mean both sides. republicans are a bunch of retarded assholes and the democrats are bunch of fucking losers.

gays in the military? really? this is seriously a fucking issue? who the fuck cares? how fucking stupid do you have to be to think that a gay dude or lesbian cant serve in the fucking military? “hey I want to fight and potentially die for America, but it just so happens that when im on leave I might take in the ass.” WHO FUCKING CARES? I guess that’s what happens when the senate or congress or whatever is filled with 90 year old white pricks who are all prolly a bunch of fags themselves. who fucking cares if they get married either man. interracial marriage used to be illegal too. then they realized that’s fucking dumb. anyone who has a problem with gays is a fucking imbecile. it has no affect on your life whatsoever so who fuckin cares.

the problem is that since any retard is allowed to be a parent, no one wants to have a conversation with their kids and explain things to them. im sorry you cant explain homosexuality to your kids. maybe you shouldntve had any. youre obviously too stupid to teach another person how to live. its these fucking right wing Christian nut jobs who think the apocalypse is coming, so the world cant progress because it might piss off god or something. fucking retards.

so anyways what the fuck is the point of my life. see, I am one of the many useless fucks out there but it seems like im the only one I know who is willing to admit it. my fucking douchebag friend mike whos a nurse walks around like the fucking queen of England. “I save lives” he says. no you fucking don’t you naïve motherfucker. youre in an icu. that means you prolong death. you waste my fucking tax dollars keeping useless 80 year old demented fucks alive for every last possible second. why do we feel the need to keep people alive for as long as fucking possible? how doesn’t he realize this? thinks hes some hot shit cuz works in a fucking hospital. get the fuck over yourself. no one you have ever had as a patient prolly contributes anything to the world, which makes you just as useless as they are.  youre patients will go home if they don’t die first , sit on their couch and watch regis and Kelly. theyre not developing alternate energy or researching spave travel. theyre gonna fuckin sit there and play call of duty. so shut the fuck up about saving lives. you don’t. and if you ever happen to, its probly gonna be a useless one to the world.of course their family will be happy I guess great now we get to visit grandma in the hospital and watch her lay there with tubes in her and shitting herself. awesome. I mean, just die already. youre a fucking burden to everyone around you.

you went into nursing because theres a fucking shortage and youre guaranteed a job so stop fooling yourself. fucking loser. im so glad I don’t live in a fucking fantasy land where I think im changing the world. how pathetic that must be. I mean hes one of my good friends and i love hangin out with him, just not when hes being an arrogant dumbass on his high horse cuz he thinks hes fucking important and better than everyone. go fuck yourself, dude.

but who cares if you become important? the only reason people work is to make money. do I have low self esteem for knowing that life is pretty much pointless? I guess. I mean I still go out and enjoy myself. want to travel. but I just know that in the whole scheme in the universe its fucking pointless.

I sit here typing this shit at my job as a security guard. Its temporary but I make good money. I keep trying to figure out what I wanna do with the rest of my life and I don’t fucking know. just something that I wont mind mentioning to people that I meet when im out I guess. in the back of my mind tho, I am obsessed with standup comedy. ive been watching as much as I can and I cant get enough. I love that shit. if I could do one thing it would be that, hands down. but I fuckin suck at telling stories and im not even clever enough. let alone standing in front of a goddamn audience. but fuck that would so cool. damn.

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