NBA Thoughts

So the NBA season has been underway for a while now and I couldn’t be happier with the Heat’s mediocrity. I love watching them lose, especially to teams like the Memphis grizzlies. Its pretty fun. Ive somehow grown to hate chris bosh more than lebron, probably because he sucks at basketball. At least lebron is really good, but bosh is a nobody and third wheel and thinks hes part of a super trio. Its become clear that bron and wade cant figure out how to share the ball. Eddie house should not be taking last second threes with the game on the line. Even taking away the whole Decision debacle, the Heat are a bunch of ring chasers which makes them a pointless fucking team. And not ring chasers in the way of Kobe wanting to win some without shaq. The 3 kobe won with shaq had meaning, and the ones after have a different meaning. But they mean something. Those were teams. The heat are not a team. Theyre a bunch of should be retired players who want rings for the sake of rings. Jerry Stackhouse? Jamaal magloire?  I didn’t know they were even still in the league. What the fuck? Are you really gonna tell your kids about the time you won an nba championship as desperate, ringless, drifter? That’s so stupid. LeBron, you could’ve been the fucking man in New York. Heat fans don’t even care about basketball. Theyre fucking retards. They show up late to games. They don’t even know how to be a fan, as shown by the Heat’s ‘Fan Up’ campaign where I guess Pat Riley teaches dumb ass heat bandwagoners how to root for a sports team. Does that make you feel good lebron? That your fans probly don’t even know the rules of your game? What a shitty descision. Even if you fucktards start winning, youre still winning in Miami, a meaningless NBA city where so called fans didn’t know they had a team until LeBron said he was going there.

                LeBron: I’m taking my talents to South Beach.

                Miami Residents: is he talking about the Magic, or is there a team from around here?

I hope bosh gets fucking traded. (not to New York)

Anyway, its kinda sad because it was fun watching lebron play in Cleveland. He was having fun. He was genuinely enthusiastic and fun to watch. Not so much in Miami. Hes pissed off, sure. Playing well, sort of. But hes not as fun to watch and after all the hype, seeing him get pumped up in a nail biter against the Griz just seems pathetic and fake.

As for the knicks, I am somewhat pleased with their performance. Slow start, but won 6 of 7 (yes, against marginal teams, but still). They have a chance at making the playoffs because it’s the eastern conference but will prolly get swept by boston or Orlando. They still need one really good player, though. I mean amare is playing really well and chandler, gallo, fields and ray felton aren’t doing too shabby, but none of them are all stars (yet, hopefully). Of course I want Carmelo, but I am also tired of giving up all our young prospects. I mean we have let so many young, at least decent, players go in order to acquire a superstar, and so far it hasn’t totally worked out that way (Nate, DAVID LEE [still getting over that one], Ariza) and to get Carmelo might hafta give up gallo or chandler. Granted wed prolly still be better but I want this team to have some identity. I want to watch some young players grow up and become great.

Also, derrick rose is a fucking great player. Hes super quick, and can prolly get by anyone with his crossover. He just gets through defenders at will and can finish. Top 3 point guard, easy. Once Boozer gets back and they start with the pick and rolls, Chicago can prolly win the east. I mean they gave Boston a run for their money a few playoffs ago and theyre better now.

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