I enjoy nice feet on a girl. Well tended to, with some nail polish, perhaps a ankle bracelt, even a toe ring. Its cute. I dont have a foot fetish. I dont go around asking girls what their shoe size is. I would never ask a girl for a foot job in the heat of the moment. I mean if she really wanted to give me one, i wouldnt be completely opposed to it. Why the hell not? If shes asking she obviously wants to. And if i like her feet i mean i might as well let her do her thing. I have restrictions though, certain times when i would actually let her give me a foot job. Prolly the only time would be right after she showered, and i was sure she washed her feet well. Because feet get sweaty and smelly and gross. Maybe even in a pool or a hot tub because even though those places are two of the most germ infested and disgusting places on earth, mentally, when youre in the pool, you feel like anything goes underwater. You can bump into some old womans saggy ass, youd be grossed out for a second, but for some reason theres this defense mechanism “oh its in a pool they put tons of chlorine in here” so its okay, you just continue your swim. Meanwhile the kids are pissing and you see a hair float by.  But i would never give the ok on a footjob after, say, we just spent the day in disney, walking around and standing in lines in humid 90 degree disgusting florida weather. Even worse if shes wearing sandals all day, you know those things are gonna be blistereed. Plus thats a whole day of using public restrooms.

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