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Saving Abel ‘Miss America’

I loved their last, self titled album. Its not to hard, not too soft, along with a song about receiving oral pleasure. Great. I was very excited for their new album.

Saving Abel continues with their same basic style of mostly soft rock and simple but interesting lyrics. For the most part its the same sound, but a few songs have an awesome southern/countryish but still soft rock feel. Very catchy. I kinda want to compare them to Kid Rock, but not quite. More sappy songs than last time. Not as good as the sappy songs from their last album in my opinion, but I’ll listen to them.

I like the album and I like their somewhat different sound but there are too many slow sappy songs this time. Like I said, they are good songs, but I’m more of a fan of more upbeat rock songs. And the more upbeat non sappy songs on this album are great (Tap Out, Stupid Girl, Contagious, Mississippi Moonshine, The Sex Is Good, Miss America). I like their last one better as a whole, though.

But 6 out of 11 ain’t bad.


Random new music

I was checking to see if the band Phoenix had a new album out yet since I enjoy their first, Wolgang Amadeus Phoenix. Onto itunes i went. I searched ‘Phoenix’. Their first album came up, along with what I thought was their new album. Great. I downloaded it immediately for 10 bucks and started listening. I was confused and then a little ticked off because I had downloaded something that was not Phoenix. Turns out what I had actually downloaded was the album entitled “Phoenix” by the band Just Surrender. Not the other way around. My disappointment on having just blown 10 dollars on something I didn’t want lasted no more than 30 seconds. Their songs are actually kinda catchy. I guess you would call them alternative rock. Mostly upbeat, a little sappy at times, but fun to listen to. A complete accident, but it turned out well. Metaphor for life, perhaps? Maybe I should take more risks in the dark.

The album is 'Phoenix' by the band Just Surrender